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Current & Hardness Testing

VT- Visual Inspection of Oil & gas equipment ,Drilling Tools, Tanks, Vessels etc.

UT- Ultrasonic Inspection of welds Flaw Detection, Drill Pipe Crack Detection , Ultrasonic thickness measurement.

  • Welds in plate and pipe work
  • Structural steelworks
  • Tanks, vessels and boilers

The use of digital technology allows ultrasonic thickness readings to be taken through most types of coatings without the need for removal. Technicians are available qualified to PCN or ASNT standards.

PT- Penetrate testing for Non Magnetic tools and Non Magnetic material.

MT- Magnetic particle Inspection , Dry powder, Wet Fluorescent Method.

RT- Radio Graphic testing for Weld in pipe line, vessels, tanks etc.

ED- ED Current Inspection for flaw Detection and Pad eyes inspection.