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NDT Services

A basic  introduction to the methods  of Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)  the course is ideal for engineers, auditors, managers, quality personnel and newcomers to NDT.  The one day course includes an introduction to NDT history, certification, advantages and limitations of the main methods including visual testing, penetrate testing, magnetic particle testing, radio-graphic testing ultrasonic testing, NDT reliability and the future.


Belmont-Asia is offering variety of NDT Services.

Advanced NDT Services

We are one of the pioneers in the field of Advanced Ultrasonic

Testing having successfully implemented the AUT technique

In a number of projects, Worldwide.

Additionally we provide other advanced NDT services such as Helium Leak Testing, ACFM, Boroscopy, Tubing Inspection, Corrosion mapping etc. In addition to the above, we Provide  Project Support Services (PSS) and supply specialized Technical personnel directly to the client for their projects. We have a vast pool of professionals from the Oil & Gas Industries Who are highly experienced and certified in various disciplines Including Engineering, Construction, QA/QC and Commissioning.

Our Projects