Brexit how does this affect BS EN 1090  BS EN 3834 and the manufacturer ?

July 2016 :

The standard (BS EN 1090) and the CE mark EU legislation still affects all companies who manufacture and sell steel and aluminium structures and structural products within the EU or wish to export into the EU. There will be no change to the legisaltion whilst the conditons of which the UK will leave the European Union are being agreed. That is after the UK has invoked Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, this is subject to parlimentary vote and approval,  after which allows the UK has up to two years for withdrawal terms to be negotiated providing the rest of the EU select commitee agrees, by vote.

Without the legislation requirements in place, (which must be controlled monitored and kept up to date), any company, organization or individual that joins or welds any type of structure and sells that product that is regulated under the products listings,  is committing criminal breach and may be forced to close and prosecuted by the tradings standards department.

All the following but not neccesarily limited to,  must ensure that all companies have in place an approved system that meets the requirements BS EN 1090-1,-2 or -3 depending on the products and the relvant execution class that applies.

  • Civil engineers
  • Construction engineers
  • Directors, general and site managers
  • Quality assurance and quality control personnel
  • Procurement personnel
  • Inspection and non-destructive testing personnel

If anyone has concerns or questions we will endeadovur to asssit.

In the meantime if any organisation would like details of services which can help you gain customer confidence in your products please let us know : here are some of our services that directly relat to the legialtion requirments and which we have helped over 100 companies gain accreditaion with over 85% succes in our welding and welder test realted service.

WPQR : procedure vlaidation program in acccordance with BS EN ISO 15613, 15614-1 & -2 or BS EN ISO 14555.

WQT : Welder Test approval services to BS EN 9601-1 & -2 which allows a three year re-test interval.

pWPS / WPS : Written in accordance with BS EN 15609 both our pWPS and PWS service comply with the requirments and the information required for the shop floor where the welding takes place

Welder Job Knowledge and basic Visual Inspection training. This training package meets the requirments of 1090-1 Clause 6.3.2 which states that ”all personal involved in activities influencing the conformity of the components have adequate qualification and training for the range and execution classes to be excersised by the manufacturer”. A certifcate is issued to all those person who attend the course and pass the multi choice exam at the end. This can be conducted at your premises or here at our training centre. The course follows the syllabus defined in BS EN 9606-1 and -2 . The basic concepts of visual inspection (BS EN ISO 17637 ) which must be carried out on all (100%) of poducts welded. THis goes without saying that this is the responsibilty of the welders and they alone in general must conform to this requirmen and the awreness of this requirment is made very clear during the course. The course also complies with the intention of the human resources section .

Welding coodination : We can act for you as a responsible welding coodnator (RWC) for  tasks covered under and up to execution class 2.

Welding coodination Training (RWC Training) : We can train a member of your staff or yourself, if self employed or from a small company – we train  to approved courses over two days with support for the following 12 months *. We carry out the training on a regular basis to suit whenever poossible the window that suits your requirments. Or courses have been approved and accepoted by all of those compnaies that we have assisted in gaining accreditaions to BS EN 1090. These include BSI, Lloyds, Exova -BM Trada, SCCS, Alcumus / ISOQAR and CfA .  A course certifcate is issued on completions of the course and all six modules . An RWC certifcate is issued after we arer satisfied that a qualoity systems is in place and in accorcnae with  the requirments of BS EN ISO 14731 Welding coodination Annex B.

FPC 1090-1 & -2 Quality Systems (Factory Production Control )

ISO 9001 : 2008 / 2015

* Subject to certain conditons as agreed.

IMC 14th July 2016

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