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Quality Health Safety Environment

Our concern for Health, Safety and Environment is a core value. This HSE mindset is founded on  the belief that all incidents can be prevented, and is the key to the company’s work within  health, safety, and environment. As an organization, we work systematically to ensure continual  improvement of our HSE culture and performance. We have an HSE operating system which  defines our expectations in the areas which are keys to effective HSE management. These  expectations set direction and help our business units to move continually towards attaining  higher goals.

  • Comply with all relevant legislation, regulation and industry standards.
  • Continuously  identify  HSE  aspects  and  impacts  with  appropriate  controls  and  steps  to  improve them.
  • Protect the Health and Safety of all our Employees and all whom we engage with in our business operations.
  • Make best use of all natural resources and at the same time minimize environmental impact  through team efficiency and use of environment friendly products.
  • Impart and update QHSE information to all our employees to create and contribute towards a  safer work environment for all our employees, contractors, visitors and clients
  • Establish objectives for continuous improvement
  • Audit and control established systems to check their efficiencies.
  • Communicate results to all employees, contractors, customers and local communities &  authorities.